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Health Evangelism Training

LIGHT Ministries in participation with Wildwood Lifestyle Center is offering a substantial group discount on two of its online health evangelism courses.  These focus on health and spiritual training, arming students to gain spiritual strength and health knowledge to not only care for themselves and their families, but also their community and the broader mission field.  Some of the health-related training includes physiology, disease, hydrotherapy, massage, vegetarian cooking, and learning how to give health talks.  Training is self-paced to fit in with your busy schedule.

In addition to helping your family, neighbors, and the community with your newfound health knowledge, upon graduation one could participate in a mission opportunity with LIGHT Ministries overseas or in the US.  For more details on the courses and to see course descriptions, go these links:

Essentials Class

This 125-hour self-paced online training course costs $200 instead of the regular $475! https://lightingtheworld.org/training/


Advanced Class 

This 450-hour self-paced online course costs $600 instead of the full price of $1,499!  https://lightingtheworld.org/advanced-online-training/ 


What is Health Evangelism?


Feel free to share this with your friends.  All are welcome to join the classes.  We need ten people to sign up to get the discount, and there are a few already registered.  For information about signing up and more, call Karen Gordon at 907-978-9053.


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