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If you are looking for an accepting, Christ-centered church, we think you will feel at home with our church family. We have ministry groups for everyone and we have various Sabbath School classes dedicated to ministering to a wide range of toddlers, children, youth, young adults, and senior adults. We encourage our members to become involved in friendship evangelism, reaching out to others and initiating fellowship with them for Christ.

We welcome you to visit our church and join us as we grow and share a forever friendship with Jesus!

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Bible Says Family First
Solar Solace
While many Americans celebrated or cursed April 15th due to...
Spring Growth
Spring has definitely sprung, along with plant-life activity...
The Ticket
His lights flashed. My heart fell. Another ticket. Another...
Baskets of Eggs
As a ten-year-old wanting to raise money for a bicycle, I got...
Are We There Yet?
My family and I were on our way from Florida to...
Cooling Conflict
A husband makes a cutting remark to his wife. She fires back a...

Hope Generation

Staying Young
I used to hear my grandmother quote this, "We have nothing to...
Choosing Love
I dreaded going to my first class of the day, and it wasn’t...
Big Nose
Her nose and lips were swollen up like a balloon. She just lay...
Volunteers Needed
During my childhood, I learned the delights of volunteerism....
Calorie Cutback?
So how is that New Year’s goal going to lose weight? Has...
Language Lessons
My middle son gave me an interesting gift last Christmas: a...


Steadfast Praise
Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous! For praise from the...
Above the Earth
For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is...
My Stronghold
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God,...




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Seventh-day Adventist Church

1811 Farmer's Loop Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 479-6070
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North Pole 
Seventh-day Adventist Church

PO Box 56919
3589 Joan Ave
North Pole, AK 99705
(907) 488-7751


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Golden Heart
Christian School

1811 Farmers Loop Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709
(907) 479-2904


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For: Fairbanks, AK
10:06 PM Apr 25, 2014 (Sabbath Starts)
10:09 PM Apr 26, 2014 (Sabbath Ends)

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