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Shadow Empire

A video series by Shawn Boonstra about the history of religious freedom, beginning with the reign of Constantine. Learn about the relationship between the church, government, and religious freedom, and how it impacts our lives today.
For members, please bring a snack/drink for the Thursday and Friday meetings as well as a potluck dish for Sabbath.

Schedule: April 28 @ 7:00pm The Rise of the Early Church: Discover the state of the early church and the transformation from persecution to absolution in the Roman Empire.
                 April 29 @ 7:00pm The Persecution of the Church: Discover a kingdom out to stop the Gospel message and destroy anyone trying to spread the Word. Are Christians still persecuted today?
                 April 30 @ 11:00am A Marriage of Church and State: The early church begged favor from the local government. What are the biblical roles of church and state? Is separation good or bad?

                 April 30 @ 3:00pm Constantine's Christianity: How much influence did this early Roman emperor have over the church we know today?

Location: Fairbanks SDA Gym

Operation Care Package
As a church family, we would like to show our support to those students away at academy/college. There are cards available at the table in the gym to write a supportive message to those students. We will also be sending them personalized boxes with items. Boxes and cards will be mailed on May 9th (Monday), contact Leola Gillette for more information.

Networking: A Spiritual Gifts Seminar
Every believer and follower of Christ has a spiritual gift. Come and discover your spiritual gift(s), personal style, and God-given passion and where you might use them to serve God in the body of Christ.

Dates: Wednesdays April 27th, May 4th, and May 11th

Time & Place: 6:00 pm in the Chapel

BibleStick, Changing Lives One Soldier at a Time
If you are interested in "Reaching Our Troops" with the BibleStick visit https://militarybiblestick.com/. There is no cost to you, all that is required is the name(s) of military personnel to receive this free Bible device.
Bible Says Family First
Hope Generation Staying Young


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