Fairbanks Seventh-day Adventist Church

Upcoming Prophecy Seminar
Topic: Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy

Tim RoosenbergThe conflict between two great world religions—Islam and Christianity—is fast approaching a devastating climax that will shake the whole world. “Islam and Christianity in Bible Prophecy” carefully explores and unlocks the mysterious book of Daniel, specifically chapter 11, unveiling a thrilling picture of prophecy that includes the past, present, and future roles of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and the United States in the final conflict ahead. 

Pastor Roosenberg provides the answers you need to survive the coming holy war, answers that will give you complete confidence in God’s Word and faith in the promises of Jesus Christ. 

Dates: Oct. 16-25 
Time: repeat of previous night's presentation at 5:45pm, new presentation at 7:30pm
Location: Church Auditorium 1811 Farmers Loop Rd Fairbanks , AK

View the brochure (includes schedule), the church calendar also includes the schedule of presentations.

We are in need of volunteers for this great opportunity for community outreach. If you are interested in helping with registration, providing food in between seminars, providing childcare, or greeting people, a sign up sheet is available in the gym.

Stop Smoking Clinic
Dates & Time: 
October 5-9 at 6 pm 
Location:Youth Chapel (Old Sanctuary)
Instructor: Jerry Potts

Volunteers needed for child care, registration, snacks, and support.

BibleStick, Changing Lives One Soldier at a Time
If you are interested in "Reaching Our Troops" with the BibleStick visit https://militarybiblestick.com/. There is no cost to you, all that is required is the name(s) of military personnel to receive this free Bible device.
Bible Says Family First
Hope Generation Staying Young


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